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We are growing bamboo for shoots, canes and reproduction as well as bonsais from seeds adapted to our climate zone specially Japanese and local trees.

Doing so since 1990† means that our bamboos are already big and mature. First because we took† the tallest species growing† in† Europe and second because it needs about 10 years to have such† a mature bamboo† plant. Mature doesnít mean that the bamboo gets thicker and longer each year. It means that the new bamboo shoots reach in height and thickness their top size in a year. Think, when you eat bamboo shoots you eat a whole bamboo cane. No wonder such delicacies are expensive !

Bonsai is an art in China and Japan. Here in the West this tradition† doesenít exist. To succeed in that type of art you need patience, humility and perseverance. The miniature tree is the artistís perception† of the real tree. Most Chinese and Japanese arts find their origins† in taoÔsm and bouddhism. The concepts of† wabi and sabi fundamental principles of Chinese ant Japanese art. In short wabi means detachment, without pretentions and wabi : loneliness, secluded, authenticity.

We grow about 4000 plants. For our guest itís an opportunity to learn more about that art and maybe have some practice. Of course we do sell them too but you wonít find here name, size† and price tag as we do not sell bonsais like any† other ordinary good. The customer must be ready to take care of the tree if not so he is loosing his time, his money and the bonsai..

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